Time Capsule Contents

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On September 7, 2018, as the remaining section of the old Immaculate Conception Elementary School was being demolished, construction crews unearthed a time capsule in the building cornerstone. The copper box contained holy cards, photographs, a school yearbook, and capital campaign materials dating back to 1961 when the addition to the school was completed. To view the contents of the time capsule, visit this link.


Demolition Day!

Demolition of the remaining portion of the former Immaculate Conception Elementary School is slated for Thursday, August 30 at approximately 8:00 am. Please stop or drive by and check out the changing landscape of our new school campus!

8_2018 John Mawby at Old School

John Mawby (TCSF ’18) is part of the crew responsible for safely taking down the old building. He monitored air quality during the asbestos abatement part of the project. 

Faculty/Staff Retreat & Tours


On August 23, GTACS faculty and staff gathered for their annual retreat, beginning with Mass at Immaculate Conception Church concelebrated by Fr. Anthony Citro and Fr. Ron Nuzzi. At the conclusion of the day’s proceedings, faculty and staff were given a tour of the work-in-progress at the new preschool/elementary building. Such an exciting time for Catholic education in our community! We thank God for His many blessings, but especially, our teachers who are authentic witnesses to their faith.

Taking Shape

Summer is in full swing, and so is our building project. With each passing day, the project takes shape as stone masons place the many, many concrete blocks and prepare the building facing for exterior brick.

Abatement is underway at the old school building, and demolition is anticipated to begin the week of August 13!

Still Awaiting Arrival of Spring

Spring weather continues to be elusive, but our new elementary school project presses on.

Second floor precast cement deck planks were installed the first couple weeks of April along with some structural steel beams.  Once we get some warmer weather, the planks seams will be grouted and the second story will get formed up with block.  Above-ceiling electrical, plumbing and HVAC rough-ins will begin now that the second floor is in place.

On our first floor, you can clearly identify the individual mudrooms that create spaces for our youngest children to enter the school, store their belongings and enter into their classroom.  Our first floor main entrance has also been framed.  Our school chapel will be constructed directly above this entrance.

As warmer temps move in, next up will be pouring concrete flooring on the ground level.  Prepping will occur as the ground thaws.