About the Campaign

On this occasion, our faith demands that we make sacrifices so that material facilities needed for the development of our spiritual life may come about. – Fr. Kohler, 1964

Let us unite so our precious young people will have a school capacious enough to educate each of them in the fundamentals of secular knowledge and the glories of our Catholic faith. – Monsignor Passeno, 1960


In the 1960s, two visionary leaders in Catholic education in Traverse City, Father Kohler and Monsignor Passeno, built the foundation for excellence in Catholic education– one that has served us well until today.

Now, though, the facilities no longer meet the demands of the day. The time has come to once again make a significant investment in our Catholic schools.

The “Our Faith, Our Future, Our Time” capital campaign was formally launched in 2015.  The purpose is to fund a 10-year facilities improvement plan.  Ultimately, $20 million will need to be invested in two primary projects:

  • Construction of a new, Preschool through 5th Grade facility at the Immaculate Conception Campus
  • Remodeling of the St. Francis High School Campus

Fifty investors have already committed more than $5 million to the “Our Faith, Our Future, Our Time”  campaign.  Over 60 volunteers are actively working on a variety of committees.  This is an exciting time in the history of the Grand Traverse Area Catholic Schools!

If you have an interest in becoming a partner in this vital effort – with your financial support, your prayers, or your expertise –  please contact the Director of Advancement, Wayne Mueller at (231) 995-8428 (business) or 231-313-0381 (cell) or wmueller@gtacs.org.


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