Give the Gift of Faith

December 8, 2018

On the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, we have launched a special fundraising drive dedicated to the final needs of our new school building. We have a established goal of $300,000, and have created a place to give online.

Playground Equipment

The playground at the new Immaculate Conception Elementary School will have swings, sandboxes, a turf field, and play structures appropriate for each age group. It will also feature a synthetic surface which will last longer than mulch, minimize mess, and provide the right type of cushioning/support for young people at play.

Classroom Furniture

We plan to outfit the new school with modest new furnishings chosen by our teachers. The cost to underwrite one classroom is $10,000. Specialty classrooms (library, STEM lab, etc.) will be equipped with furnishings designed for their specific use.

Chapel Appointments

The Chapel of the Archangel Gabriel will serve students and staff  along with small gatherings of the faithful. It must be equipped with liturgical items such as a presider’s chair, pews, ambo, a chalice and ciborium, etc. We are grateful to Immaculate Conception parish for underwriting the cost of the beautiful new stained glass window depicting the Archangel Gabriel’s visit to Mary.

To give, visit our website or contact Wayne Mueller in the Advancement Department.

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