Two Major Gifts Announced

The parish of Immaculate Conception has made two major gifts to the new school building: A crucifix that has long been a part of the church/school history, and new stained glass windows for the school chapel. In his letter to parishioners, Fr. Anthony Citro said:

Given the longstanding and close relationship between Immaculate Conception Church and School, we could think of no more fitting decision than to provide the school with two gifts of great importance and impact: 

First, the magnificent crucifix that at one time was a fixture in the second floor of the combined school/church will be transferred to the new school, second floor Chapel. The ultimate symbol of our faith will also symbolize the unity between parish and school, and our commitment to conveying the riches of the faith to future generations.

Second, the new school chapel plans call for an arch-shaped, stained glass window featuring the Blessed Virgin Mary surrounded by angels. Quality stained glass windows are rather expensive, but they are also among the most beautiful treasures of our Church. Because of the significance of this item, the Finance Council and I have decided to make this, too, a gift from our parish to the new school. May our Blessed Mother inspire and instruct all those who pass by her light!

Thank you for your support of the school project. We look forward with joyful anticipation to its completion.

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