Still Awaiting Arrival of Spring

Spring weather continues to be elusive, but our new elementary school project presses on.

Second floor precast cement deck planks were installed the first couple weeks of April along with some structural steel beams.  Once we get some warmer weather, the planks seams will be grouted and the second story will get formed up with block.  Above-ceiling electrical, plumbing and HVAC rough-ins will begin now that the second floor is in place.

On our first floor, you can clearly identify the individual mudrooms that create spaces for our youngest children to enter the school, store their belongings and enter into their classroom.  Our first floor main entrance has also been framed.  Our school chapel will be constructed directly above this entrance.

As warmer temps move in, next up will be pouring concrete flooring on the ground level.  Prepping will occur as the ground thaws.